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About Us

Heramba B. Rajbhandary founded the company in 1980 with a mission of making high-quality and nutritious food accessible to its customers.  Initially, it started producing yogurt in clay cups and pots. A few years later cheese, ice cream, and other dairy products were introduced. We started as a cottage dairy in the busy Mahaboudha Street. Since its inception, Nepal Dairy has been growing steadily and broadening the customer base, popular by its acronym nd’s. Currently, we manufacture our products in Hattiban, Lalitpur. ND’s products are available throughout metro cities in Nepal. We are food processing and distribution company. Over the years the number of milk producers has risen from around 40 to 5000. Milk collector farmers today bring milk as far as 350 km in the rugged terrain. 

Our concept Farm-to-Table (URBAN-RURAL CONNECTION) is thriving between Kathmandu and rural villages (both Tarai and Hign hills). We make our customers assured that ‘the amount they are spending is staying in their community’. 

We focus on investment in the dairy and food industry, two of the largest, most rapidly-growing markets of the national economy. We have diversified to Sweets, Fast-food, Bakery, Education, and Packaging. Today, nd’s Products are a superior brand in the Nepalese food industry.


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